New Korean Cuisine: Worms on Pizza

“We already had a public tasting of pizzas, pasta, porridge and a juice made or added with mealworms last month. And to my surprise, responses were pretty good. Many people liked them,” said Yun Eun-young, a researcher at the state-run academy. Courtesy of Wall Street Journal

Culinary Crickets are Just Like Shrimp

“I approached EDIBL’s booth determined to eat a bug. I had made up my mind before going to the festival that I was finally going to do it. I walked up, introduced myself to Timothy Herbute, a sophomore at Stockton and the president of the schools EDIBL chapter, and declared...

Eat More Cricket

“Enter the Chapul cricket bars, which I was thrilled to find at Natural Grocers this past weekend, for $2.99 each. I bought all three flavors and much to my office mates’ shared amusement, sampled them and invited others to join me. Two folks did, two refused with mild disgust, and...

Would You Munch on a Tortilla Made Out of Crickets?

Big Cricket Farms is joining forces with Six Foods, an insect food start-up from Boston, to create a new breed of tortilla. The plan: to pulverize the crickets down to a powdery “flour.”  The final product will be “cricket chips,” or, as they might affectionately call them, “cricket chirps.”

I Ate Bugs at an Australian Bug Shop

“Personally, I needed convincing: I’ve been a vegetarian for most of my adult life and until a week ago, I was pretty sure I’d never eat anything that was given birth to again. But after a bit of research, even the most militant plant eater would struggle to find an...